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Solution for rental business

Rental solution ‘cRmental’

is a cloud-based rental management software service that allows managing any equipment rental inventory business.
Just look at what great opportunities our online software opens to you!
cRmental has the following sections:

Cost calculation
if formulas are specified – in automatic mode
The ability to plan the reservation of equipment
Event management

The costing module is the first step in creating an event. After calculating the cost (if formulas are specified – in automatic mode), the information is sent to the client for approval, the estimate can be saved in any format and easily emailed or sent via any messaged to the manager or the client.

Reservation of equipment

The equipment reservation section for an event allows you to effectively manage the available equipment, distribute it between events, and receive information on equipment availability in the warehouse for specific dates.


Ability to add a staff of various specializations with color label, role assignment and access rights. The system has reminders for the user. There is also an ability to leave thematic notes on the “wall” mode for the whole team.


The smart calendar of current and future events is implemented in the system. Time periods output – by year, month and day in the form of a Gantt diagram. Brief information on the event – the status is marked with labels, its duration and responsible persons.


The event section displays complete information about an ongoing or planned event with staff comments and a list of participating equipment and vehicles.

Loading/unloading of equipment

Managing loading / unloading dates, adding vehicles to a specific loading or event, the ability to calculate distances and travel times.

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Solution for rental business
Orders receiving & auto-assigment

Automatic receiving and auto-assignment of customer orders and quotes with the ability to plug chatbots for your website. Аuto-assignment functionality: the performer (from the list of your employees) is selected automatically by preset scenario, a notification is sent to the responsible manager by e-mail, instant messengers (Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook messenger and etc.) or SMS.

Solution for rental business
Reports and statistics

The ability to create a report (.csv, .xlsx, etc.) for events and managers on the selected date. The report may include financial and other data by your choice.
The statistics section allows you to view various indicators for past periods, analyze indicators and compare different periods.
Graphs, diagrams, and sheets help increase the visual perception of information.

Solution for rental business

The ability to plan the reservation of equipment by managers before possible events. The constructor section supports visual editing, which very clearly demonstrates the entire process. It also allow you to effectively manage the available equipment, plan the loading and to take equipment in sublease if there is a need. It also serves as a convenient simulator for new managers to distribute equipment in test mode.

Solution for rental business
Equipment management

The function of adding and accounting equipment is implemented in the system. The ability to upload the client equipment database into the system (migration from various databases).


Equipment can be divided into groups, kits and categories.


The system has a list of equipment under repair with an indication of its status.

Solution for rental business
System user area

The personal system user account has various access rights depending on the role assigned to them by the administrator. It also contains various user information, including contact details that are publicly available in the system.

Solution for rental business

Warehouse and inventory balance management. Accounting for loading and unloading. Ability to mark various equipment statuses. Users with the role of “warehouse specialist” have access to this section.

Solution for rental business

The section allows you to manage company transport or rental transport.

Solution for rental business
Tasks with deadlines

The ability to assign tasks to each other, add colleagues as observers, mark responsible. It allows you to effectively solve various current business tasks, plan tasks for the future, remind users of upcoming tasks and send important notifications to the system administrator (business owner).

Solution for rental business

Effective maintaining the base of all customers. Stay in touch with customers, manage business relationships and receive repeat orders. It also allows you to automatically send messages and e-mail’s to clients.

Solution for rental business

Creation and storage of various important documents: from cost calculations (estimates) to invoices to customers. The ability to send documents in automatic mode, fast printing. Documents formation based on the data entered in the section of clients, events, transport, etc.

Solution for rental business

Control over payment, payables and receivables. The ability to integrate with online banking transaction view, document control.

Solution for rental business
User roles & rights

You can assign specific roles to each user, which gives the right to access only a limited number of functions. For example, a warehouse employee cannot create events, but can view already created events. The manager does not have access to accounting, but can create events and add responsible employees to them.

Solution for rental business
Admin controls & alerts

Pre-moderation: Any action of the user in the system can be tied to the system of preliminary approval of the administrator (business owner). For example, a manager can send a cost calculation to the client only after prior approval by the administrator.
Smart alerts: cRmENTAL is flexibly configured to create any alerts about important actions. For example, if the manager created a new event, or if a new client was added to the system.

Solution for rental business
Integration with

cRmENTAL has high flexibility and can be integrated with a huge number of different services. For example, GoogleMaps – for calculating distances and travel times, Quickbooks online – for bookkeeping and data exchange, and others.

Solution for rental business
Your section

Need more features in your opinion? We can easily customize and modify cRmENTAL to your needs and business processes, taking into account all the features of your business.

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