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We adhere to some rigid rules which help us achieve our goals. In no particular order, here they are:

We’re passionate about bringing every project

we take on all the way to the release. Our success rate, for now, is 100%, while the average worldwide is dips below 90%.

Kodan experience includes product development

so we clearly understand the pain of startups and product companies.

We’re extremely focused on communications,

we’re focused on communication and our customers can ask for any required info at any point.

All our developers are in-house

and we never collaborate with freelancers.

100% Job Success
100% Job Success
100% Job Success
Mai Tran
Product owner, Syndicappli

I enjoyed on working with Kodan. Team is very responsible, professional, thinking wide, explain their solutions. That was a great experience, I recommend this team!

Matthew Conrad
Matthew Conrad
Founder & CEO Edgescreen

Kodan team did a great job breaking down the needs of my proof of concept, and then providing detailed information how we could achieve the specs. Through development we were able to address issues, and adjust our goals to match. The core development was addressed, and successfully deployed. The team had responsiveness/communication made for a good working experience.

Matthew Conrad
Steven Parker
COO, Veritas Lab Corporation

Kodan completed the projects ahead of schedule and with outstanding results. They maintained communication and provided consistent project updates. Their team is easy to work with and delivered within budget. The partner is very satisfied.

5.0 star star star star star
The top priority for Kodan
We can help your business
  • every project we take on is bringing advantages to the customer’s business
  • if the customer pays us a certain amount, then as a result, they must earn or save an amount that exceeds what was spent as soon as possible
  • we think that satisfied and successful customer in the long term is better than a quick, short-term buck, and that’s a key to prosperity.


~ $148 mln


~ 15 %

Average net
revenue increase

Solving problems

Since the advantages of a customer’s business are crucial, they’re the driver of the development of all of our projects. This allows us not only to create a solution that will perform business tasks but also save significantly.

Identify the issues

& opportunities of the business that can be affected, and coordinate with the customer.

Solve the issues

in the development process first of all

Achieving the goals

All project tasks are considered exclusively through the prism of these goals.

Focusing on data

Focus primarily on facts and data, and only then on the hypotheses

Getting results

The results must always be verifiable

our work results
Case studies
Veritas Lab

is one of the largest laboratories networks in the USA.

We have developed a web solution
  • for registration
  • ordering, and payments online
  • the CRM system
The revenue increased by $7 mln

Since the project launched the revenue increased by 189%, and the income of the Veritas Lab rose by 27%.

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After our help
+ $4.3 mln
chart chart
$2.7 mln
$7 mln
Staff expenses
75 70 64 52
infographics infographics
Market share
+10% +2% Poland Germany

Comprehensive services for organizing events of various sizes

We have developed

the ERP system


Three times the speed of processing an application from a client. 30% reduction in personnel costs from 08.2021 to 02.2022

First battery company LLC

production of car batteries

We have developed a web solution
  • e-commerce website
  • integration with the accounting system
  • integration with the CRM system
Retail sales up

Retail sales rose by 8%. Thanks to the integration of the accounting system, the time to place an order was reduced by 80%. Connecting the CRM system made it possible to ship goods to the client twice faster. Logistic processes had been improved.

25 min
Time reduced
after our help
Retail sales up
after our help
chart chart
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  • 1. Preparing a proposal

    Required scope, timeline and apr. price will be included if you provide us with the detailed information about your project.

  • 2. Discussing your project

    Let's jump on a call to discuss all possible options.

  • 3. Let the work begin!

    We start working on your project considering your feedback and keeping you in the loop.

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